Active Rehab

Exercised based program to improve physical activity

Kinesiologists studies human movement to restore the quality of life to those suffering from injuries

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Kinesiologists specialize in active rehabilitation which is an exercise based program that restores the quality of life to those suffering from various injuries to general aches and pains.

A one-on-one active rehabilitation program is designed to help with soft tissue damage, lower back pain and stiffness, work conditioning and strengthening, increased flexibility, poor posture and body alignment.

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Our approach

At Roam, we offer a personalized Active Rehab program focused on restoring strength, mobility, and functional independence. Our expert team guides you through a tailored exercise regimen, ensuring effective, sustainable recovery and a vibrant return to wellness.

Injury Rehabilitation

Personalized exercise program to correct muscle imbalances, improve joint mobility and flexibility.

Improved Physical Fitness

Education and targeted exercises to increase muscular strength, endurance and power.

Ergonomic Assessment

Help identify and correct work area set ups to reduce the development of work related injuries.

Management of Chronic Conditions

Education and customized exercise prescription to help alleviate chronic pain from work place injuries, motor vehicle accidents, arthritis, sport injuries and more.
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